Redcat Consumables

We have a wide range of Redcat accessories and consumables that can serve as replacements or additions to your Redcat classroom audio system.

Share Mike

Infra-Red Redmike Share handheld microphone

Rechargeable Battery

Lightspeed AA NiMH rechargeable battery LS/AABP

Flexmike Rechargeable Battery Pack

Lightspeed battery pack for Flexmic LS/FMBP

Sharemike rechargeable battery pack

Lightspeed Battery Pack for Infra-Red Remike LS/HHBP

Sharemike Charging cable

Lightspeed Charging cable for Infra-Red Redmike Share LS/CCRSM

Student Sharemic Charging Cable

Lightspeed Charging Cable for Student Microphone LS/CCSM

cradle charger

Lightspeed Cradle Charger for Infra-Red Redmike LS/IRCC

Flexmike for Redcat Access Systems

Lightspeed Flexmic LS/FTM

Redcat Flexmike Charging Dock

Lightspeed Flexmike Charging Dock LS/FMCC

Lanyard for Flexmike

Lightspeed Lanyard for Redcat Access Flexmic LS/FML

Lanyard for Redcat Microphone

Lightspeed Lanyard for the Redcat Infra-Red Teacher Mircophone LS/RML

power supply

Lightspeed Power Supply for the Infra-Red Redcat System LS/RCIRPSU