Lightspeed Redcat Access including 1 x Flexmic and 1 x Sharemike LS/RCAC-SM



Redcat Access All-in-One Audio System inc 1 x Teacher Flexmike & 1 x Student Sharemike

Whole room audio for dynamic classrooms:

  • Children who hear better learn better
  •  Full access to the teacher's natural voice 
  • Maximize time with students and on-task behavior 
  • No interference with other classroom tchnology
  •  Adaptable to new teaching methodologies

 Product Features: 

  • Exciter technology for even sound distribution 
  • Access technology compatible with Flexcat for collaborative instruction
  •  Supports team teaching
  •  No installation 
  • Operation in large, open areas 
  • Wireless integration capabilities
  •  Connect and direct multimedia audio 
  • Batteries will support a full day in the classroom 5-year warranty (1-year on batteries)

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