Ampetronic Induction Loop Receiver ILR3+

Code: ILR3+


The Ampetronic ILR3+ is designed to perform the same induction receiver function as the ILR3 whilst also providing the added capability to check that the induction loop is functioning correctly.

When an induction loop is installed the venue manager or staff should always be supplied with at least one instrument that allows them to regularly monitor the system performance. The IR3+ performs this task without the added cost and complexity of a Field Strength Meter. It is simple and highly cost effective, and meets the requirements of the international loop performance standard, IEC60118-4.

No technical skills are required to perform the basic checks, which allow an operator to listen to the system through headphones, and check that the sound level provided by the loop is sufficient.

The loop checking system comes with an easy to follow procedure for checking any loop system.

Using the ILR3+ to Check a Loop System

The ILR3+ is designed to make it simple for anyone to regularly check that a loop system is working, has a field strength of the correct level to provide benefit, and meets the IEC60118-4 standard.

Field Strength Indicators

As dictated by the international standard, the ILR3+ has two indicators and these are calibrated to illuminate when the field strength is 400mA/m (0dB) or higher (GREEN) and between 200 and 400mA/m (-6 and 0dB) (YELLOW)

Checking Loop System Status

The status of the loop can be easily checked by running continuous speech or music into the loop and monitoring the indicators when the ILR3+ is held in the appropriate location. A simple table on the back of the ILR3+ shows what is acceptable or not.

User Instructions

The ILR3+ comes with a simple user procedure to help guide anyone through the checking process. Using the ILR3+ requires no special knowledge of loop systems or any technical knowledge.

Who can use the ILR3+?

The ILR3+ is ideal for regular use by a facilities manager or non-technical member of staff. Regular use will ensure that the provider of the service keeps the loop system working and providing a genuine benefit to the hard of hearing. The ILR3+ is an essential companion to any loop system installation.

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